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Meet the Construction Managers

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

  • Rob Gulliver, Project Manager & Safety Director: Rob holds his bachelor's degree in Construction Management. He is an active mentor at GRPS Academy of Design and Construction. As O-A-K's Project Manager for Tri-County Public Schools, Rob oversees cost management, team communication and project documentation, ensuring the realization of project goals. His responsibilities also include working closely with our safety advisory firm, SWMGT, to coordinate routine job site audits, safety training for employees, and innovative safety solutions.

  • Pat Schmidt, Project Superintendent: Pat has been with O-A-K for over a decade and has been in the industry for over two decades. During his time at O-A-K he has exclusively overseen large-scale K-12 projects. You will see him on-site at the location of the new elementary school where construction is well underway.

  • Trevor Anderson, Project Superintendent: Trevor is currently working alongside Pat on site at the new elementary school and will be overseeing construction at the high school starting at the end of March. In Trevor's spare time he is working his family farm that he has lived at for over 40 years.

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